Terms of Services

Holoapk.com encapsulates itself with lots of mod apk files consisting of a varying number of games and apps. Once you will access the services, make sure to agree to the following terms:

We are keen to provide a bunch of games and apps and they are available in their mod apk version. You can download them free of cost. Make sure to read the Terms of Use, Holoapk.com has granted its users to utilize any of the services that are currently available on this platform.

In addition, we do not allow our users to access any personal property of Holoapk.com that includes trademarks and logos.

Our team will regularly update the terms of service/use, so make sure that you keep yourself updated in this regard. We have the right to add and remove certain features from the Holoapk.com site. Users can get in touch with our support team in case they face any issues.

Copyright of Content

If the user utilizes Holoapk.com services, it does not mean that you constitute possession of any of the intellectual property rights to our services that you access. In addition, if the party thinks that his content is infringed upon, he can get in touch with the Support Team for further assistance.

You cannot use the content from our website until and unless you have been permitted by the respective content owner. Besides, you are not allowed to remove obscure legal notices that are displayed to our Services.

This website also encapsulates non-Apk content. Keep in mind that only the content owner owns this content. Our team will first of all review the content and if it violates our policies, Holoapk.com has the right to remove the content for a primary and justified reason.

We will regularly send you service announcements and administrative notices. The user may opt-out of receiving such kinds of messages. Avoid using the services that prevent you from complying with safety laws.

Your Holoapk.com Account

To use our services, you need to make a Holoapk.com account. Log in through your Google account and connect it with your Holoapk.com account. Make sure to keep your password secured and you will be responsible for any sort of activity that processes through your Holoapk.com account.  If you spot the unauthorized use of your password or Account, please, make sure to report this issue to us.

Terms of Service/Use Are Subject to Change

Holoapk.com Services are in line and comply with the law. However, our terms of services are subject to change. In case of any revision and modification, we let you know. If the user fails to agree with these terms of service, he will be unable to access Holoapk.com Services.

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