Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022


Here you have to create a fortress, grow a maximum number of village resources and defend yourself from the opponent's attacks smartly. That is what the Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk game all about is!
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Here you have to create a fortress, grow a maximum number of village resources and defend yourself from the opponent’s attacks smartly. That is what the Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk game all about is!

naruto online combo simulator

It belongs to the action-based gaming genre and is loved by gamers to date. The plot is about making smart strategies on how to protect the fortress and crush the enemies meanwhile generating resources, food, and shelter for the villagers.


If you are one of the die-hard fans of manga and anime series, you will love playing this genre too! An immersive playing experience is given and lots of interesting characters are there as well.

Think about the smartest actions and tactics and enjoy every bit of these endless adventurous times. Thus, the gaming session will become addictive when you turn it on. You can also download Infinity Ops Mod Apk and Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mod Apk.

Let us know what kind of village you want to create and how beautiful and powerful it will be in the eyes of the villagers. Furthermore, build and train the forces, strengthen the band of soldiers and win the battles by crushing the enemies.

The Gameplay Boruto Ninja Openworld Apk

Let us talk about the gameplay now! As mentioned above, your primary mission is to protect the fortress, destroy the enemies and collect loads of resources for the people of your village.

naruto games mod apk

This one is the fortress strategy and the most genuine action gaming genre. The more resources you will be able to grow, your enemy’s power will eventually become weak.

Implement offensive or defensive strategies and invade the territories of your opponents. In addition, you have to defeat shinobi and trap ninja warriors.

The game also encapsulates multiple story-inspired adventures. Try your level best to unlock the signature shinobi moves. Thus, the tour target is to become the village leader, so work dedicatedly on it!

While developing the resources, you need to build and train the forces and end up creating the most powerful band of soldiers. Furthermore, quickly create the shinobi fortress and make every attack of your enemy a failed attempt.

Rest, addictive battle sessions are there. You can claim the resources to successfully invade and take over the fortresses of your opponents.

Features of Boruto Games Download Offline

Once you will go through the features, you will find this game more exciting:

Interesting Characters

The boruto apk offline game has all the interesting and unique characters that you can think of! They make the storyline so captivating, rich, and fully engaging. In addition, you can collect as many rosters of shinobi along with hundreds and thousands of different characters.

naruto game app

Upgrade them with unique powers, skills, and abilities. Furthermore, the more incredible the character looks, the more powerful it will come out to be. Feel free to explore and try out tons of power combos and build the strongest team for quickly smashing the enemies.

Manage the Village

Your other primary tasks are to manage the village. Grow food, opt for harvesting and develop maximum resources for the villagers. Experts have recommended that players should keep on working and improving their village management skills.

Develop your towns and communities in a way that other people also perceive you as the strongest and most dedicated leader.

Explore the management options, collect maximum resources and bring ease for your people. Unlock construction, develop monuments and make the village super progressive-looking while playing the naruto games mod apk.

Lots of Missions in Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk

The minute you start playing the naruto apk offline version, uncountable missions and challenges will come your way. You can play them online or offline mode, the choice is yours. Moreover, you will find the challenges extremely interesting and tough to solve. But this whole vibe will make your gaming experience immersive.

Boruto Ninja Openworld Apk

The story missions are based on manga-inspired events. Besides, the playing time will become 100% enjoyable and super engaging for sure. Completing these story challenges will give you rewards in return!

On the other hand, the special missions are always fun to play. You will come across the toughest targets; you only have to give your best to meet those milestones. Rest, the attack missions require you to attack and fully smash your enemy’s bases.

Construct the Shinobi Fortress

If you want to keep your village people safe and sound from invaders, it is suggested to construct the shinobi fortress. Such fortresses and towers will prevent the enemies from keeping an evil eye on the villagers.

Create the fortress by keeping in mind your budget and resources and browsing through a maximum number of design options.

The more you are going to upgrade the defenses and progress successfully towards the game; you will have the better chance to destroy the enemies. Moreover, you need to loot your opponents’ resources and build the strongest of all shinobi armies.

Create the Best and Powerful Ninja Clan

To win all levels of the naruto game app, you have to come up with the best, most competitive, and most powerful Ninja clan. Collect favorite shinobi including Naruto Uzumaki, Boruto Uzumaki, and many more. The more evolving, enhanced, and upgraded the ninjas will look, the stronger your clan will come out to be definitely!

Strategic Fortress Battles

The whole plot of the naruto offline apk revolves around the strategic fortress battles. Enemies will constantly attack while you build the fortress and village resources. So, strategize accordingly on how to tackle the opponents’ side.

You have to defend the shinobi fortress and keep on protecting the resources. Besides, train your armies in a way that they do not get trapped and end up getting the highest ranking.

Fast-Paced Action Sequences

Here you will spot lots of fast-paced action sequences. Come up with the most impactful ninja combos and attack with full force by using the naruto online combo simulator.

Even more, this game has simple controls though action-packed settings are there. The player gets to enter the beautiful and impressive 3D anime world.

Your main mission is to finish the foes by utilizing the powerful Ninjutsu attacks. And you will get the opportunity to earn lots of rewards by bravely battling through the toughest missions.

Online Multiplayer Mode

It runs on the online multiplayer mode where the player becomes part of the shinobi guild and tries his best to compete and win the missions. You can make a team of up to 4 players. In this way, it will become easy to defeat and kill the unsealed Giant Bosses during the Surprise Attack Missions.

Unique Events

Lastly, the player participates in unique events. Interesting and time-limited events are there which will make the gameplay 100% enjoyable and fun-filled enough. You can dive into these most thrilling in-game experiences and let us know your views.

MOD Features of NXB NV Mod Apk

Below we have highlighted what mod apk features of this great game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc:

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Shinobite    

You will get unlimited shinobite, gems naruto, and money. With these ample and sufficient resources, it will get easy for the player to defend the fortress, build, train and strengthen the armed forces and defeat the enemies.

Best mod apk games

Furthermore, this modified apk version has classic and intuitive controls. More you explore the signature and epic ninja moves, the chances of winning will certainly become more. Moreover, unlocking the invading options, winning the in-game ranked battles, and protecting your fortresses every time.

What’s New in the Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Latest Version 2022?

  • Huge 4.5 Year Anniversary Events
  • Some more new characters
  • “Shinobi Selection Exams” event is underway!

Frequently Asked Questions about Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk

Q: How to download Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage mod apk for Android?

The process is so quick to proceed if you want to download the mod apk file of this game on Android. The first step is to access the file, start the downloading process and click on the finish button when the file is properly downloaded. Click on the play button that is all!

Q: Is Naruto x Boruto voltage offline?

Most of the parts of this game are available online. Note down that online solo battles are there, or you can even make a team of four participate in those battles. However, you can play it in offline mode with bots.

Q: How many chapters are in the Naruto x Boruto Ninja voltage?

3 chapters are there! It is important for the player to make his way successfully through the missions and challenges coming ahead. Hunt for the traps, and rush the enemies whenever you enter into the next chapter to play. Moreover, you need to clear all these chapters for enhancing the shinobi and Ninja Cards.

Q: How many naruto Shippuden games mod apk are there?

There are 4 storm games; it is the ultimate ninja storm legacy collection which comprises four chapters in one breathtaking, epic and thrilling collection. In this series, you will spot anime and manga adaptations.


Thus, do not waste a single second now and start playing the Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod Apk game. One of the entertaining and action-packed games has been launched now. Go and get it for yourself. Stay tuned and in touch with us always to get the latest news about the games and apps.

What's new

Enjoy Huge 4.5 Year Anniversary Events Underway

Enjoy New Event "Shinobi Selection Exams" Underway



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