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If you have played Fallout Shelter, you might even love it more because we have the modified version of this simulation game. Hit on the Fallout Shelter mod apk link and experience the real spark present in this role-playing video game. Furthermore, it remains free to play. It runs on the platforms like Android, iOS, and even on Windows and Xbox One devices.

fall out four underground bunker mod

We can give you a general idea that the whole plot of this outstanding game makes you enter into the apocalyptic world. Here you need to find out how to survive and stay alive right after the nuclear bomb disaster! Undoubtedly, this game has managed to keep on garnering love and popularity from players.


Moreover, it has received the Google Play Best of 2015 awards and Mobile Game of the Year 2016 DICE Award. In addition, it became the Winner of the 2015 Golden Joystick Best Mobile Game. Download fallout shelter for Android right now then:         

All about Fallout Shelter

Bethesda game studios developed this Fallout Shelter game. It includes the category and genre of a free-to-play simulation game. In addition, in June 2015, this game got released and launched worldwide for IOS users. Later on, in August 2015, it got introduced for Android users. Now, you should download the fallout shelter modded apk file and try out this version. Also, DOWNLOAD Dragon City Mod Apk and Chapters Mod Apk to have some EXTRA fun.

The player gets the task of building their Vault with the name of Fallout Shelter. Besides, the overall core gameplay and visual style of this respective game increased its popularity. You will be surprised to know that the game had grossed and collected US$5.1 million during the first two weeks of its official launch!

Download fallout shelter for Android & iOS

In its initial times, this game was only meant for only single players. However, after some time, it transforms itself in the form of multiplayer adaptation. Rest, to know about fallout four underground bunker mod, keep tuned over here.


So, according to this fallout shelter mod menu, you need to build, create and manage your Vault. The player acts as an overseer and manager of his Vault! In other words, he needs to act as a coordinator and leader and thus effectively protect his Vault. Furthermore, the player gives specific directions and guidelines to the citizens regarding how they can meet their food, water, power, and shelter needs in times of crisis.

Every character’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. profile will affect and impact the ability of players to collect as many resources as they can! You can even train the citizens in the devoted rooms for the sake of increasing your statistics.

fallout-shelter nexus mods

As time passes, the dwellers grow and improve their health. You can give them new items so that they can get extensive support in their tasks. Moreover, you need to balance the number of resources and allot them equally. So, are you ready to try out the fallout shelter mega mod apk version!

Features of Fallout Shelter

Building and managing the perfect Vault

One of the essential traits of Fallout Shelter! It remains about building and managing the perfect Vault. The minute you enter the apocalyptic world, you need to create a bunker shelter known with the Vault name! Through this shelter, you can avoid all situations linked with a nuclear bomb. Once the Vault gets to build, bring more people to the base and lead them properly. You can even have fallout shelter android by clicking on the link.

Give food and water to these people and make them sustain and survive in such a challenging situation. Furthermore, you can expand the rooms as your population starts to become crowded and more enormous. Lastly, to keep your base energy-efficient, you need to construct and build reactors and power plants. The same feature gets available in the fallout shelter modded apk file as well.

Special System

All Fallout Shelter residents accompany themselves with specific stats, and these stats appear in the form of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. format! And this format corresponds and signals to Strength, Perception, and Endurance, Charisma, and even Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. In addition, you can now download fallout shelter android and get to know more about this game concept!

Make sure to keep the residents in their specific rooms that will match their potential and abilities. It would be best if you keep on amplifying your residents’ happiness scale by assigning them the right task. And the impressive part hints to us that the same S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system exists in the fallout shelter nexus mods.

Building and Managing Lab

Here in this fallout 1 one android apk, you will come across two kinds of labs! You can choose stimpacks or radaway. The primary responsibility given to labs is to keep on producing and developing machines. In addition, these labs have to build valuable and valuable articles that prove worthy in the residents’ lives.

If your base gets attacked by any of the giant cockroaches, the lab of Stimpacks will eventually help you heal. On the other hand, the lab of Radaway will aid you in detoxifying yourself. Thus, download these shelter 2 mods and learn more about these labs.

All about Rush in Fallout Shelter

You might be wondering what do we mean by Rush in the fallout shelter editor apk file? Here you can see that! It counts itself as one of the primary functions encapsulating this game. In addition, the Rush function helps you speed up your operations. You get into the position to instantly process your operations.

On the other hand, players have to remain careful while using the Rush function because certain risks are entailed. If you achieve success, then this function will not hurt you. But if you face failure, then Rush operation might give you serious consequences.

Finding New Armor and Earning Caps

Lastly, these fallout shelter pc mods push the player to find new armor and earn caps! It would be best to look for the handy survival loot and become part of the unspeakable death phase.

Furthermore, look for the new armor and latest weapons and constantly gain experience playing fallout shelter torrent. Make it a primary target of not letting your citizens die! Understand that as time passes, the idyllic life of Vault will eventually get disturbed because of the post-nuclear life, so remain prepared!  You can use the assets delivered by the Vault-Tec, but the rest of the game plan solely depends on you.

Some More About Fallout Shelter

The Fallout Shelter mod apk version has set itself to make your gaming experience more incredible. Here you witness war-like situations and your strategies and smart gameplay will push you to survive the horror and terror encapsulating this game. A lot of devastation is made by nuclear weapons; you need to plan out how to protect yourself from these nuclear blasts.

If you love playing games that are all about ongoing nuclear wars, we suggest you play Fallout Shelter. These nuclear wars have simply torn and shattered the Earth. You need to save the Earth’s planet now. In addition, the mutated monsters have been scattered all over the Earth’s surface and they are looking for prey! Just stay away from those mutated monsters and crush them.

On playing Fallout Shelter, you will see that life has never been so tougher and challenging. So, expand your base, go for more constructions and collect maximum resources for building ultimate defences. You can even get in touch with the outside world for building more underground bases.

Features of Fallout Shelter Mod Apk

The player must understand and comprehend that the more they use money, the easier it will be for him to increase the money percentage later on! So, get fallout shelter unlimited Money, caps & lunchboxes by clicking on the file link.    

  • Unlimited money, food, and water
  • Unlimited power, caps, and lunchboxes

How to download Fallout shelter latest version 2022?

You can play Fallout Shelter on all sorts of platforms. Like, you can run it on IOS and Android platforms and even play on Microsoft Windows. Now, below you can see how to download this Fallout Shelter mod apk file:

  1. Download the fallout shelter android mod apk file and save it on your device. Avoid pausing the downloading process anywhere in between and let the process complete seamlessly.
  2. Once the file gets saved on your system, please open it and start playing Fallout Shelter.


Q: How to mod fallout shelter?

You can mod Fallout Shelter by downloading the mod apk file. With the help of the mod version, you can have unlimited food, money, water, and shelter for your citizens.

Q: How to mod fallout shelter android?

To mod Fallout Shelter on Android, the process looks simple. Get the mod apk file link and download that file on your Android phone. You can also play and mod this game on iOS and even on Microsoft Windows.

Q: How to install fallout shelter mods?

To install Fallout Shelter mods, get the apk file and install it on your device or computer. Once the downloading process reaches the finishing stage, please save the file and play it right away.

Bottom line

Now, when you download this Fallout Shelter mod apk file? If you love the format of such games, we are sure that you will get addicted to Fallout Shelter for sure. Build, manage and run a Vault and guard your citizens against the nuclear bomb kind of situations.

In addition, you have to feed them with water and food constantly. Bring a variety of Dwellers that possess a mix of skills and run your Vault! Moreover, you can construct a radio room for attracting and retaining new dwellers. The time has arrived to explore the blasted wasteland surface and seek adventure. Keep tuned with us, and do not forget to share your very first experience upon playing this fallout 4 android mod version.

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