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Social Point developer remains known for developing and launching exciting simulation-based games. Among them, we have Dragon City! We have put up the Dragon City mod apk version link on this webpage. Hit on the link and enjoy becoming a part of dragon city.

Dragon City Mod apk unlimited Money, Gems

The game shows that the player has to build and decorate the utmost magical-looking floating Dragon City. Furthermore, it encapsulates the requirement to train all these cute baby dragons and thus evolve and transform them into impressive and colossal beats.


If you have a master and turn yourself pro in this dragon city game, let us know your experience. Train as many dragons as you can and make them proficient enough to defend you during battle. Moreover, collect and breed as many fire-breathing dragons as you can! And that marks as the only way to grow your game-plan as a top-notch Dragon Master. You can even join with other Dragon Masters by creating an Alliance and participating in Alliance events and trade Orbs.

What is Dragon City?

Formerly, Dragon City remains identified as one of the popular social network games. Social Point developer launched it initially on the platform of Facebook on May 8, 2012. Later on, it got available for iOS users in 2013. Furthermore, in August 2014, the Dragon City game managed to get public and accessible for Intel Atom tablet and Android users.

Most importantly, this game holds an excellent 4.6 * rating right there on the Google play store. Undoubtedly, it has developed into a famous android game. So, download the dragon city modded version and let us know your feedback.

Why Play Dragon City?

Stop playing boring games now! Get your hands on Dragon City and enter into the magical world. Playing such simulation games will always excite you because here you will train, breed, and level up the dragons. You will act as a Dragon Master of Dragon City and dragons will act and perform according to your commands.

More than 100 dragons encompass this simulation game. It is up to you which dragon type you want to breed, train and level up. In addition, every week, new dragons will be added to the game, how adventurous it is!

Just imagine, a magical building surrounds you and you crush your enemies upon battling with them in a heroic avatar. Simply boost the power of your dragons. You can even combine ten types of dragons and end up getting more powerful hybrids

Thus, play this game and win hundreds of missions. You can play this epic simulation game with your friends and get an unforgettable gaming experience reaching another level!

A General Glimpse of Dragon City

Before you try out the dragon city free download process, you can have a general glimpse of this game!

  • Here you build the dragon city and thus mark yourself as a dragon master. You need to construct your island! In other words, keep on building and developing that island remains filled with lots of buildings, habitats, and dragons.
  • Furthermore, you have to feed, nurture and evolve your baby dragons constantly. The more you feed them, the more hassle-free it will be for you to turn them into resilient beasts. Later on, you can train and teach the needed skills.
  • Moreover, players can collect and instantly gather over 600 dragons to complete their Dragon book. The more you collect dragons of different rarities, the more it gets simple for the player to grow into a top collector.
  • Thus, keep on battling and winning this Dragon City game. Compete in the Dragon leagues and battle against any of the players. You can have the Dragon city latest version apk file from here and play it right now.

Features of Dragon City

Here you will have the complete detail about this game. Must read these features so you have a better idea about each and everything that is avaiable.

Completing the Dragon Book

First of all, you have to complete the Dragon book! The same feature gets shown in the Dragon city mod apk 2022 version. Grow your dragon city and breed as many maximum numbers of dragons as you can! Furthermore, the game has over 1000 dragons. You can breed and collect them and thus grow your Dragon City in a colossal style.

Dragons of Dragon City apk

In addition, new dragons will keep on joining the Dragon City game every week. They will participate through unique islands as well as breeding events. For decorating your little dragons, you can make use of cool dragon skins.

Dragon Quests

Dragon quests have become the highlight of this game. Even if you get the dragon city torrent version, you will expedite and explore these quests. The player has to keep on expediting through the dragon quests and compete with other dragon masters. In addition, you have to gather one-of-a-kind dragons and claim Warrior’s Chests. Lastly, make sure to climb the leaderboards!

Summoning Dragons and Collecting Orbs

The dragon city mania runs while summoning dragons and collecting orbs. Upon summoning dragons, you should try their skills and teach them further as and when needed. On the other hand, collecting orbs will empower and stir your dragons.

Join Alliances

Unlocking all of the advanced game features has become the top priority of each Dragon City game player. Like, you have to unlock the ancient world and keep on building and defending the Guardian Dragon Towers. Moreover, create a social city by joining alliances and clashing with the Dragon Masters in Dragon City. You can trade Orbs in the Trading Hub and open Alliance Chests. Thus, play the dragon city hack and let us know how much you enjoy this game!

The Gameplay of Dragon City

The entire gameplay of Dragon City requires the player to raise, breed, and train their dragons. Furthermore, you have to design and build a city that remains jam-packed with dragons. Floating islands are there, and whatsoever dragons you will breed will float on those islands. In addition, the amount of gold produced by dragons can get utilized to upgrade buildings.

Gameplay of Dragon City Mod Apk

In return and exchange for gold, you can have food as well from the farms. Collecting foods remains a must for the player to level up his dragons and further evolve and make them bigger! Food will improve the strength and resilience of your dragons.

As soon as you reach player level 27, then you will enter into the Ancient World. In this world, you can exchange gold for crystals. Collect crystals like topaz, emerald, and diamond from mines and get gold in exchange for them!

Strategy for Playing Dragon City

Playing Dragon City looks quite simple, and straightforward strategies remain needed to become a master of such games. The entire game pushes you to collect, breed, and train a significant number of dragons. Give them food, collect the maximum amount of gold and win all levels of Dragon City. The more you gather dragons, the more your group moves will become grounded.

Moreover, the developer of Dragon City has made this game in such a way to push players to run a dragon ranch in a more intelligent way. We need you to get the mod apk file and have dragon city unlimited gems & everything! Constantly collect the dragon eggs, feed them and bring them into the dragon city. You can use both of the PVP and PVE types for expanding your gameplay position. For accomplishments, collect and bring together lots of gold, jewels, dragon prizes.

Dragon City Mod Apk Offline Features

  • Unlimited money & food
  • Unlimited gems
  • No root
  • Anti-ban

You can check out the rest of the Dragon City mod apk feature details from here:

Easy to Control

Upon downloading this dragon city zip online file, you will get the experience of using a user-friendly interface. The player will get the feel as if he has entered into the official Dragon City gaming world. Moreover, the whole format of the game looks quite genuine, and all assets have been incorporated into it. Thus, build and design a dragon city and enhance your dragon levels by feeding them.

All Dragons Remain Unlocked

The Dragon city latest version has unlocked all dragons! You will get more than 500 dragons, and that will come out free of cost. In addition, the apk file gives you primary dragons and some unique dragons that showcase special skills and abilities. The more missions you complete, the more it gets quick for the player to access and obtain further dragons.

Famous characters of Dragon city

Furthermore, this current version helps you generate hybrid dragons. In this concern, you have to breed and combine ten different dragons and develop a hybrid dragon. The familiar Dragon city famous characters remain Terra, Flame, and Sea, Nature. You can combine Electric, Ice dragons, and even Metal, Dark dragons, Legend, and Pure dragons.

Limitless Resources and Everything Unlocked

You can see that that dragon city mobile mod apk version delivers limitless resources, and everything remains unlocked! You do not have to pay any amount while accessing and using these resources. Thus, get infinite resources without spending any real money.

Access to Playing Online with Multiple Numbers Players

You can access the dragon city islands file online! Invite a countless number of players and play this game online. We know that many multiplayer-based simulation MOD games have arrived in the market, but Dragon City always marks the top spot. Once you download the apk file of Dragon City, you can easily make it a multiplayer game.

How to download Dragon city mod apk?

  1. Click on the file link and hit on the install option.
  2. You will see that the installation process will get initiated and started and shall take a few minutes.
  3. Once the Dragon city game gets installed on your device, you play it the very next moment.
  4. This respective link works for dragon city hack android for Android, PC, and iOS users!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get dragon city gems?      

If you wish to get dragon city gems, you have to accomplish multiple quests. Rest, you can have unlimited gems by playing the game on the mod apk file version.

Q: How to get unlimited gems on dragon city?      

You can successfully pass all levels of dragon city and thus end up accessing unlimited gems. Or you can use the mod app version of this game and unlock all gems in one easy go!

Q: How to get unlimited food in dragon city?

In return for gold, the players can have unlimited food in their dragon city. Accessing unlimited food remains a must for the player because dragons need food for 24 hours.

Q: How to download Dragon city?

You can download dragon city from our website Holo Apk. Which remain marked as the reliable option where you can access this respective game.

Q: How to breed a jelly dragon?

The player has to combine a double electric and nature to breed the jelly dragon. Or the player can combine double nature and electric dragons for breeding gummy dragons.

Bottom Line

If you still have questions on the Dragon City mod apk, you can let us know! Undeniably and unquestionably, it has become the best battle game. If you love training and feeding dragons, play this game. Build your city, accumulate gold, coins, gems and show your strength! Furthermore, make alliances and coalitions with other Dragon Masters and take part in Alliance events.

Last and not least, the mod apk file will give you dragon city for gems 99999. So, start playing this fantastic game, and let us forward your experiences and great times. Do not forget to make hybrid dragons by combining fire, nature, legend, and war dragons. Stay tuned with us!


What's new

Added a lot of Breeding Tasks in the Latest Version

You will have new rewards like, Rainbow tokens and Orbs in the current update

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